Brazil’s Kiss Nightclub Fire Disaster

This week, I bring you to the city of Santa Maria, in the south of Brazil, a college town of more than 260,000 residence. On January 26, 2013, a party organised by students was to be held at the Kiss nightclub. Many of the students from local universities and colleges were to attend. Sadly, this … Continue reading Brazil’s Kiss Nightclub Fire Disaster

Station Nightclub Fire

Welcome to the first fire disaster post of the series! Update!! Each week I will take you through some of the world’s most devastating fire disasters, bringing to the forefront the many harrowing chain of events that come together to turn a potential fire into a disaster. By bringing such fire tragedies to your attention, … Continue reading Station Nightclub Fire

Fires in the home – Electrical consumer units

  According to Electrical Safety First (Electrical Safety Experts), in the UK alone, there are approximately 19,300 accidental fires a year where electricity has been determined as the potential cause1. It is my experience that many electrical fires occur in and around domestic consumer units (‘fuse boxes’). The majority of fires in consumer units occur … Continue reading Fires in the home – Electrical consumer units