Are you ready to return to the office after COVID-19?

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After several months of working from home, some staff may be edging back into office life. Without a vaccine in the pipeline, it is essential to know that we will not be going back to normal conditions for several months yet.

The following steps should be considered before the impending return.

  • Re-organise working habits, eating habits and the way we socialise at work.
  • Only bring back the staff who are needed in the office, with staggered working hours in place. The return of a full workforce should be carried out in stages.
  • Those returning first should be tasked with getting the office space ready for the impending return of the full workforce—deep cleaning of all equipment and surfaces, and organisation of sanitation equipment.
  • New rules should be put in place to allow for the successful transition. Social distancing procedures should continue, and signs and notices should be put in place to remind employees of the importance of hygiene procedures.

Lastly, prepare for some members of staff to continue to work from home. Some employees may be more vulnerable; others may live with vulnerable relatives, and others may not feel comfortable.

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