Brazil’s Kiss Nightclub Fire Disaster

This week, I bring you to the city of Santa Maria, in the south of Brazil, a college town of more than 260,000 residence. On January 26, 2013, a party organised by students was to be held at the Kiss nightclub. Many of the students from local universities and colleges were to attend. Sadly, this … Continue reading Brazil’s Kiss Nightclub Fire Disaster

Station Nightclub Fire

Welcome to the first fire disaster post of the series! Update!! Each week I will take you through some of the world’s most devastating fire disasters, bringing to the forefront the many harrowing chain of events that come together to turn a potential fire into a disaster. By bringing such fire tragedies to your attention, … Continue reading Station Nightclub Fire

A day in the life of a fire investigator.

Archived image of interior of fire damaged vehicle In today's post, I have decided to give you a look into a day in the life of a fire investigator. The purpose is to either answer any questions that you may have or to ignite a passion for such a career, pun intended!. But first, fire … Continue reading A day in the life of a fire investigator.

What do you do after a house fire?

Image from Experiencing a house fire is a frightening and traumatic experience for the whole family. At Strange Strange & Gardner, we know first-hand how hard this time can be. Therefore, we have created a step by step plan to help you take the first steps towards recovery. Finding a place to stay. Contact … Continue reading What do you do after a house fire?

Are you ready to return to the office after COVID-19?

Image from After several months of working from home, some staff may be edging back into office life. Without a vaccine in the pipeline, it is essential to know that we will not be going back to normal conditions for several months yet. The following steps should be considered before the impending return. Re-organise … Continue reading Are you ready to return to the office after COVID-19?

Fires in the home – Electrical consumer units

  According to Electrical Safety First (Electrical Safety Experts), in the UK alone, there are approximately 19,300 accidental fires a year where electricity has been determined as the potential cause1. It is my experience that many electrical fires occur in and around domestic consumer units (‘fuse boxes’). The majority of fires in consumer units occur … Continue reading Fires in the home – Electrical consumer units

Fire Risk: Magnification of light

No doubt, one of the most petrifying things we can encounter is fire in the home. Having our family put in harms way can keep us up at night. This blog series give its readers an understanding of fire hazards that are encountered in the home, some that people may be aware of, while others … Continue reading Fire Risk: Magnification of light

Electronic charging devices: The fire risk

Image from Mobile electronic devices such as phones and laptops, have become the norm in today’s modern living. The ability to enclose sophisticated technology in small portable devices enhances our lives tenfold. We have become accustomed to these devices, carrying them around without much concern. The first thing we do in the morning is … Continue reading Electronic charging devices: The fire risk

Cooking appliance fires: Hazards and prevention.

Image from Following on with the theme of common residential fire hazards, fires caused by cooking appliances have an important place on this fire prevention blog series. It is widely known that cookers cause more damage and fatalities than any other home appliance. Taking the appropriate safety measures when using oven and hobs can … Continue reading Cooking appliance fires: Hazards and prevention.

Portable heaters: The fire risk

Image from The use of portable radiators to heat the home is a universal practice. These heaters are loaded with oil and have heating elements that gently warm and circulate the oil through the radiator chamber. While they can pump out an incredible amount of heat, some consideration and care are needed around these … Continue reading Portable heaters: The fire risk